A digital pottpourri by Sascha M Holesch.


I have a blog. Like many other ambitious blogs mine also treats updates as a rare thing. New posts are scarse, but when they appear, they are written with love. Feel free to subscribe to the feed. You won't have to fear being sqashed by an outpour of articles. Probably.

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Atsumeru (iOS)

The atsumeru logo.Atsumeru is the app for iOS devices to collect, manage and share a collection of images. The focus is on animated GIFs, which play natively inside the app. Unlike other GIF apps it also supports static images unlike many other apps which only focus on GIFs.

I was unhappy with other apps for image management because almost all of them support either animated GIFs or static images and often didn't have good means to name images and categorise them into groups for quick access. Atsumeru does all of those things in a way that I like most. So maybe you might as well.

For more information please visit atsumeru.neverthesamecolor.net.

Never Read (OS X)

The Never Read logo.Never Read was born out of my frustration of accumulating more articles than I could possible ever read in my Pocket account. I came up with a strategy to simply remove articles older than about a month from my unread list every once in a while. Doing so manually however opened a hole to forget to do so leading to increased pressure created by the sheer number of articles that were waiting for me.

So I created an App that runs constantly on my Mac, checking hourly whether articles that are too old are in my Pocket account. If so, it automatically deletes them. This reduces the opportunity to cheat and has proved to really give me more peace of mind about my reading backlog. As a nice side effect I am able to take more time to read those articles that really interest me. After all they might be gone if I postpone reading them for too long.

For more information please visit neverread.neverthesamecolor.net


I'm a software developer, husband and father living and working in the Aizu area in Fukushima, Japan. I was born and raised in southern Germany near Munich. This is also where I studied computer science and lived for almost 3 decades before moving to Japan.

Most of my work is client-based, but I have recently released some software for Apple devices into the world as you probably already read above.

As far as hobbies are concerned I love to play video games (mostly consoles) and since recently I started to get quite into photography as well. While I recently play mostly on Sony's PlayStation devices my only true love will always be Nintendo.

If you'd like to get in touch you can do so through a variety of services I am using. Feel free to pick your favourite from the list below. The most active I am on Twitter.